Product overview

The MVF16 is a Multi Voice File interface, designed to be used in combination with the InterM PV-632 Multi Voice File Player.

This combination makes it possible to play voice messages, warning signals or other signals when a signal is applied to one of the MVF16’s input contacts.

The standard configuration provides one fire alarm contact, 13 regular contacts to select the according message file and two open collector outputs which can be used to switch a relay.

While this interface is designed to be used with a specific device, it can also be used for innumerable other applications, requiring contact inputs to an RS232 output.

For powering this interface box, a 24 Volt DC power supply is required/

(optional AUDAC PSD242)

Product highlights

  • 14 contacts
  • 2 open collector outputs for relay switching
  • Solid Aluminium housing
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