This product has been discontinued as of 01 June 2016. It has been replaced by the EPA104.

Product overview

The DPA series amplifiers are Class D power amplifiers designed to meet the specialized needs of sound contractors for Multi-Zone distributed speaker systems. They are designed in six different models of Class D power amplifiers, divided in three different architectures to meet the requirements for all kinds of applications.

They combine the best of all features in one single series of amplifiers, providing an outstanding sound quality with all the known advantages of Class D Amplifiers. Such as the excellent efficiency and very low heat dissipation. And due to the complete passively cooled entity only a minimal of maintenance is needed, while ensuring maximum reliability.

The small size of a single rack space make them very interesting for fixed rack mount as well as mobile applications.

The DPA73 is built as a two channel (Stereo) amplifiers, with an additional channel for powering a subwoofer cabinet. It contains an active crossover network with a frequency of 120Hz and advanced protection circuitry which protects against DC malfunctioning, short circuit, overheating and overload.

The signal input connections are accommodated with balanced XLR connectors and signal link through with other amplifiers is possible using the XLR output connectors. The operation mode can be selected between Stereo mode, Bridge mode and Parallel mode. The output connections are accommodated with Euro-Terminal blocks.

Product highlights

  • Class D Technology
  • Active crossover network
  • Subwoofer channel
  • High efficiency
  • Convection cooled
  • Light weight
  • Single rackspace design (1 unit)

Technical highlights

Satellite Stereo @ 8 Ω

2 x 50 Watt


>90 dB

Satellite Stereo @ 4 Ω

2 x 75 Watt

Freq. Response

20Hz - 20kHz

Satellite Bridge @ 8 Ω

150 Watt

Power Supply

100~240V AC / 50~60 Hz

Subwoofer @ 8 Ω

150 Watt


482 x 44 x 330 mm




4.58 kg

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