Product overview

The CPR12 is an easy to use, flexible and multifunctional 10 channel pre-amplifier. Six of these input channels are selectable between Mic / Line level and equipped with a 3 band tone control. The first two can be switched to priority and phantom power. The other four channels are direct line inputs.

Every input channel has its own gain and fader volume control with PFL button which makes it possible to pre-listen each input or output channel with the built-in pre-listening speaker, and can be routed to one or both output channels. This makes the CPR12 a full two-zone system.

Other present features are a priority input, a recording output, separate sub-out channels and the 24V DC emergency power connection. This last feature makes it possible to power the CPR12 with emergency power when the main power is shut down. In this case, the priority input will automatically mute all input signals, and a evacuation message will be announced.

The steel 19" housing has a height of 2 HE.

Product highlights

  • +15V Phantom power
  • 10 audio input sources
  • 4 Direct line inputs
  • 6 Mic / Line inputs with 3 band EQ
  • Built-in pre-listening speaker
  • Fader volume control
  • Priority input for emergency situations
  • Two output zones
  • Works on 24V DC emergency power

Technical highlights

Dimensions (W x H x D)

482 x 88 x 320 mm


< 0.2%

Emergency power

+24V DC


5.3 kg

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz

Phantom power


Power Supply

100-240V AC / 50-60Hz

Signal / Noise

> 90 dB

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